Visimex cooperates with Helvetas Vietnam – Firmly pursuing the goal of providing high quality organic agricultural products

Visimex cooperates with Helvetas Vietnam – Firmly pursuing the goal of providing high quality organic agricultural products

On the morning of August 20, at Visimex head office, located at 108 Lo Duc, the signing ceremony of cooperation agreement between Visimex Joint Stock Company and Helvetas Vietnam Organization took place, marking a strong development step of the company. Visimex – the leading company in supplying spices and agricultural products.

Attending the signing ceremony, on Visimex’s side were the presence of Mr. Than Van Hung – General Director, Mr. Le Hong Diep – Deputy General Director, Ms. Le Minh Loan – Deputy General Director. On the side of Helvetas, Mr. Pham Van Luong – Country Director of HELVETAS Vietnam, Mr. Vien Kim Cuong – Project Director of BioTrade, Mr. Andrew Wilson – Project Director of Bio Trade Vietnam – Laos – Myanmar and key personnel latch on both sides.
The Swiss Association for International Cooperation (Helvetas) was established in 1955 as the first private Swiss organization for development cooperation. Helvetas is a not-for-profit, non-partisan, politically independent organization backed by 43,000 members. Helvetas has been operating in Vietnam since 1994, in the field of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, operating in 18 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
The Southeast Asia Bio-Trade Project (BIOTRADE SECO) is a project funded by the Swiss Department of Economic Cooperation (SECO), implemented by HELVETAS Vietnam – Laos – Myanmar, with the aim of conserving biodiversity through the promotion of sustainable trade in natural raw materials (NIs) products by enhancing the competitiveness of domestic producers and exporters while bringing economic benefits to the people. in rural areas (income and employment) on the basis of Biotrade criteria and principles.
The project “Replicating BioTrade initiatives in the herbal industry in Vietnam” (hereinafter referred to as BioTrade EU), is funded by the European Union and implemented by HELVETAS Vietnam and the Development Center of Vietnam. Rural Economy (CRED) aims to “Build together with enterprises to build production and business models of medicinal products along the supply chain in accordance with the principles of Bio-Trade and the objectives of the Convention on Biodiversity. bio-formulation, contributing to making Vietnam an internationally recognized supplier of products with natural ingredients”.
With the signing of an agreement to cooperate in the implementation of BIOTRADE SECO and BIOTRADE EU project activities for the period of 2018 – 2020 between the two Parties, Helvetas will be a partner accompanying Visimex in the project of cinnamon agricultural products. organic quality standards.
Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Than Van Hung – General Director of Visimex emphasized that Visimex’s participation in the BIOTRADE SECO and BIOTRADE EU Projects for the period of 2018 – 2020 not only shows the commitment of the Enterprise providing high quality products. standard organic agricultural products, but also an opportunity for Visimex to continue promoting competitive opportunities in the process of international integration through standard organic products and quality for the safety of domestic and foreign consumers. country.
Mr. Than Van Hung – General Director of Visimex spoke at the ceremony
On the side of Helvetas, Mr. Vien Kim Cuong – BioTrade project manager believes that the cooperation with Visimex will help Visimex in particular and Vietnamese enterprises in general improve their competitiveness in the domestic, regional and international markets. , improve the value of exported goods, expand markets and customers, increase business efficiency of enterprises, in accordance with the criteria and principles of BioTrade, towards great values for the community.
The signing ceremony took place in a solemn atmosphere and ended well. After this signing, Visimex and Helvetas Vietnam will jointly implement a series of project activities to achieve the desired goal that the representatives of the two sides discussed at the signing ceremony and as the agreement stated. out.