• Forest plantation for CO2 removal
  • Forest plantation for CO2 removal
  • Forest plantation for CO2 removal

    Tree Plantation – Community Development & Market for CO2 Removal

    PERIOD:  2021-2024


    Concerned individuals worldwide, congregations, commercial companies and public entities all want to support effective action against climate change and its devastating effects on local communities, not least in the tropics.

    The parties will be providing possibilities for all concerned to participate in effective climate action based on planting of local trees, which also provides direct benefits to communities in Vietnam. These are among the ones most negatively affected by climate change.


    • People’s Committee of Van Ho district, Son La Province


    • Farmers planting trees on their forest land have secured a source of income and food and gained other benefits such as prevention against erosion and drought.
    • Clients and interested parties have received incredibly tangible documentation from recent development in database, drone, and GPS technology in the form of maps, pictures, and videos.


    • Identifies prospective planting sites, and organise the plantation with its local communities and farmers.
    • Ensure that the farmers maintain the number of living trees agreed with each client and the trees are present and growing and that benefits from each contract are shared with the communities, as local producers, through direct payments of CO2 benefits and through free co-benefits (such as fruits, medicine, twigs, leaves for fodder and others) from the trees.
    • Ensures procedures for how to allocate activities and benefits among producers and partners, and how to ensure transparency and accountability, for the duration of the contract.
    • CRED, as supported and guided by TROFACO, provides clear and unambiguous photo-documentation from the locations before and after planting as per specifications provided by TROFACO.
    • Actively promote the sale of CO2 removal/offsets to clients including companies, individuals, etc.
    • TROFACO maintains a publicly available database on its homepage with descriptions and informative photos from each planting area and planting site.



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