• UEBT representative in South East Asia
  • UEBT representative in South East Asia
  • UEBT representative in South East Asia

    Representing UEBT in South East Asia

    PERIOD:  2019-now


    UEBT (Union for Ethical BioTrade) is an international non-profit association promoting natural ingredient sourcing with respect for biodiversity and people. With a vision for a world in which all people and biodiversity thrive, UEBT works to regenerate nature and secure a better future for people through ethical sourcing of ingredients from biodiversity. CRED shares the vision, and collaborates with UEBT to promote ethical sourcing practices in accordance with UEBT standard in Vietnam and South East Asia.


    • Regional BioTrade Project Southeast Asia, funded by SECO and implemented by HELVETAS.
    • Producer/collector organisations, processing companies, traders, manufacturing companies, brands, consortia of trading companies, research institutions, etc. involved in the ethical sourcing supply chain goods and services.


    • Build awareness of ethical sourcing practices and the UEBT standard;
    • Promote UEBT certification and membership; and
    • Support the adoption of ethical sourcing practices in supply chains of UEBT member companies.


    • A one-stop-shop for UEBT standard, certification and advisory services.
    • UEBT standard and tools that are adapted to local contexts and realities.
    • Expertise in available UEBT services and relevant market trends.
    • Supply chain assessments and/or certification against the UEBT standard.
    • Advice and support on Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) tools, services and trends in regulation.

    The actors on the supply side of the transaction are processors and exporters of natural ingredients, predominantly SMEs from source countries.  On the demand side of the transaction are importers and distributors of natural ingredients, mostly large multinational businesses but also including smaller organizations.


    • Companies, sector associations, governments and other relevant stakeholders will be aware of the greater availability of UEBT support and services in the region through CRED, and of the business case for BioTrade.
    • Membership services and support for UEBT standard and certifications, with a clear value proposition and messaging are responsive to needs.
    • CRED has become the leading service organisation in Vietnam and Southeast Asia to promote and provide quality business services for companies about UEBT membership and ethical sourcing practices in accordance with UEBT standard.


    • At least 7,600 farmers in Vietnam having either new or additional income from producing or collecting and selling BioTrade products, and 300 employees having new jobs or improved working conditions at BioTrade companies;
    • Increase in trade turnover for Biotrade products exported from Vietnam to USD 6 million;
    • At least 19 exporting companies selling Biotrade products to new clients due to trade intermediation services;
    • At least 7 collaborations between biodiversity NGOs and Biotrade companies;
    • At least 3 value chain specific changes to policies, including improvements to interpretation or enforcement of existing policies;
    • Biotrade is well promoted and mainstreamed into the strategies, plans, and activities of governments, regional intergovernmental organizations, or national institutions.



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