Counter-seasonal Vegetable


CRED was a co-implementing partner with Applied Horticultural Research and HELVETAS for the implementation of project “Integrating the supply of safe and off-season vegetables for urban, wholesale and retail markets in Vietnam”, where CRED was responsible for:

  • Identify training needs from farmers, farmer group and local extension staff;
  • Develop respective training plans for the different groups;
  • Provide trainings for group leaders and farmers in group management, production and supply planning, marketing, coordination
  • From the experience with the vegetable farmers in Moc Chau, adapt the training materials on production, bookkeeping, data processing, consumer survey, post harvest, certification and market connection are compiled;
  • Contribute to the development of a strategy for sustainable scaling in and scaling out the counter seasonal vegetables project from Moc Chau to Van Ho district.


  • Enhance the quality of vegetable production.
  • Promote the model of farmer groups and build capacities for group operation and management.
  • Strengthen the linkages between farmers and enterprises.
  • Strengthen the linkages between farmer groups and markets.
  • Develop a strategy for upscaling and out-scaling safe and counter seasonal vegetable production in Son La.


  • Training materials on group formation and development were developed and made readily available for users
  • The training materials into the training package (step by step) were organized into three main modules: group formation and development, production techniques and household economic management
  • Plans for involvement of the extension workers at district and commune levels discussed and agreed with the districts.
  • Training topics identified including facilitation skills, group management, recording skills and accounting skills.
  • Training and coaching were provided for 3 group leaders in Moc Chau & group management board in Van Ho on facilitation skills and group management, with the participation of district staff in Moc Chau and Van Ho.
  • Cross-visit between Moc Chau and Van Ho were organized; particularly knowledge sharing in production techniques and markets shared.
  • The strategy for expanding vegetable production in the two districts has been drafted and agreed with the district authorities.




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