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    Value Chain Service Provider to Value Chain Idea Contest (VCIC)

    PERIOD:  2019- 2021


    The Second Australian-World Bank Partnership (ABP II), Ethnic Minority Pillar  supports CEMA to organise the Value Chain Idea Contest (VCIC) to seek and support the implementation of innovative business development and enabling ideas through value chain approach for poverty reduction, boosting prosperity and socio-economic development for ethnic minorities in the country.

    CRED is contracted by the World Bank to provide technical advisory services for the VCIC’s beneficiaries to implement their pilot projects, as well as monitoring and evaluating the achievements of results under the pilot.


    • Committee for Ethnic Minorities Affairs (CEMA)


    1. Increasing participation and benefits from value chain opportunities for ethnic minorities;
    2. Creating an enabling environment for the development of value chains benefiting ethnic minorities, especially women and youth.


    • Value Chain Development (VCD) and Market System Development (MSD) are used to tackle market failures and strengthen the private sector in a way that creates large-scale, lasting benefits for the poor;
    • Gender Equality and Social Inclusion aims to enhance ethnic minority women and youth to achieve economic advancement; ie.better access to opportunities, skill development, services and jobs; and
    • Integrated Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) will serve for data collection, project progress update, reporting, and for the learning process of all stakeholders including donors, program beneficiaries.


    • 25 VCIC candidates are trained, coached and supported to develop business and start-up plans;
    • Analysis of selected value chains to identify investment needs, technical supports, business development services including product certifications, access to finance, branding and marketing, etc.;
    • Successful implementation of 8 pilot projects with the technical advisory services from CRED;
    • M&E and learning system for VCIC is in place and used for policy dialogue and advisory activities;
    • VCIC funds are managed in compliance with donor financial regulations.





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