Successful tour guiding course sponsored by Community-Based Tourism Project

Successful tour guiding course sponsored by Community-Based Tourism Project

The guiding course has been completed successfully with 100% students graduated, excellently completing 6-month studying in Hanoi and practicing in Hoang Su Phi of Ha Giang

Previous surveys on the current status of tourism potential projects by Community-based Tourism Project (CBT) and Center for Rural Economy Development (CRED) in Hoang Su Phi of Ha Giang have shown that this region is ideally suited for tourism activities. This potential creates the need for human resources. With an aim to implement an effective human resource for tourism, especially for community-based tourism development of Ha Giang, a tour guiding course was organized by Actxplorer Vietnam and partly sponsored by CBT and CRED. Since January of 2018, 07 young locals who own a passion for tourism in general and wish to become a tour guide specifically, were chosen to participate in the course. They are all from ethnic minorities, 5 of Dzao people, 1 Tay ethic, and the other one is Muong. They come to Hanoi with eagerness to learn and get knowledge about tourism. CRED hopes that these students will be fully trained and come back to Ha Giang, give a hand to develop tourism in their homeland.

For the last 6 months, these students have been trained for basic practical skills. The lessons focused on guiding skills and English communication. In addition to theory classes, students have chances to join real tours to learn more or even to practice being tour guides as well as communicate and interact with foreign tourists in English. At the beginning of this course, they rarely know English but having gone through lessons throughout 6 months, some students are able to communicate fluently in English at a basic level. Now, they are confident to bring knowledge and skills back to Ha Giang in order to contribute to the local tourism development.

Some photos of the course: