Tourism Capacity Building

Tourism Capacity Building

Develop training materials and provide training on tourism skill sets that work for community based tourism (CBT) service providers, CBT groups such as hospitality, cooking, guide as well as marketing and sale of tourism products.

Without confidence, community members will struggle to deliver the CBT product. Local capacity building should not only raise participants’ knowledge and skills to perform a function, but also raise their confidence and motivation to do so. This is important in order to build a sense of empowerment, passion and belief that they can run their own tourism business. High levels of confidence and motivation are likely to increase self esteem, and strengthen cooperation between community members and other tourism stakeholders, which enhances community governance.


Step 01

Assessment of training needs for the target group

Step 02

Adjust training programs and materials to suit needs, cultural characteristics and ethnic groups

Step 03

Organize training with learner centered teaching method and combination of theory inputs and practical cases of learners

Step 04

Provide Coaching/Mentor support as follow-up of the training to ensure applicability in real work.

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