Destination Marketing and Promotion

Destination Marketing and Promotion

Destination marketing is a marketing approach in the travel industry that involves promoting a specific location and its benefits instead of the product or service that a company offers. This could be a country, a town or city, district or commune, or even a specific holiday resort or attraction. The purpose of destination marketing is to increase customer awareness of a certain destination so that they start to think about visiting, or to help them remember the location when they are ready to book a holiday. By slipping in subtle calls to action and mentions of a brand’s offering, the idea is that potential customers will decide to book a holiday to that destination through the company that is promoting it. Destination marketing is also often used by the tourist boards of certain countries or regions as a way to try and bring more visitors to the area to boost the local economy and establish themselves as a desirable holiday destination. 

Step 01

Design a marketing and promotion plan for a targeted destination being a district, town, commune, or just an attraction, etc.

Step 02

Develop tourism marketing and promotion materials and identify relevant and suitable marketing tools and channels

Step 03

Implement the destination and promotion plan

Step 04

Monitor the results and adapt the plan accordingly.

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