Cooking competion among homestay owners in Hoang Su Phi

Cooking competion among homestay owners in Hoang Su Phi

As part of the activities of the cooking class at Hoang Su Phi which is sponsored by Community-Based Tourism and Vietnam Responsible Tourism, a cooking contest among homestay owners was organized.

21 people who took part in the competition were divided into 7 different groups. The participants are people who have received support from the project. They were required to prepare a 3-course meal including appetizer, main dishes, and desserts. In two previous classes, homestay owners had chances to learn new dishes from our professional cook. At this time, they applied what has been learned into reality and tried their best to make wonderful meals. 7 different menus for 7 days of the week have been self-prepared by each group and then consulted by project officers.

The contest was held in the joyful and exciting atmosphere of the participating teams. Everybody wanted to make the best dishes with good flavor and beautiful decoration. Once every dishes were placed on tables, judges tasted all of them, one by one, and gave recommendations. These recommendations were about not only cooking skills and the final products but also food hygiene and safety when they selected ingredients and processed food. Everyone was listening attentively to improve their dishes next time.

After two days, the judges decided to give the first prize for homestay owners from the team of Ban Phung. The second prize and the third prize went to Nam Son team and Nam Hong team, respectively. The other teams were given a reward for consolation prizes.