About Us

Center for Rural Economy Development (CRED) is a leading Vietnam-based Non-Profit Organization (NGO), working to ensure the  greater inclusion of the poor and marginalised groups to take lead in the development of their livelihoods.

Founded in 2014, CRED inherited 20 years of work experience in Development and Trade Cooperation from Helvetas in Vietnam (1995 – 2015) with diversified activities of project management, consultancy services in the fields of Value chain development for Inclusive growth; Climate-smart Agriculture; Water, Environment and Livelihood improvements.

Mission of CRED

CRED works for the elimination of poverty and greater inclusion of disadvantaged groups including the poor, women, youth and ethnic minorities through greater participation and benefits from sustainable development and economic growth.

CRED’s Unique Selling Points

CRED’s long-term mission – from sustaining development, to preparing for global change -depends on close engagement with multi-stakeholders. CRED coordinates best practices from national and international organizations; promotes cooperation and supports research to build its adaptive capacity.

These efforts have brought CRED:

  • Strong working relation, partnership and trust with governments from central to district levels, international donors, organizations and enterprises;
  • Top services through proven methodologies in Value Chain Development/Market System Development, Climate-smart Agriculture, Stewardship Council (FSC®) Certification and Small-scale infrastructure;
  • Good understanding of the needs of Farmers, SMEs and Markets to coordinate relevant supports efficiently;
  • Extensive networks provide CRED access to sectors’ intelligences through national and international research institutions, major funders, private sector, governments and investors;
  • Strong leadership and expertise combining capacity development and technical assistance.

CRED’s Team

We are a team of dynamic and experienced experts in value chain development, climate-smart agriculture, water, environment and livelihood improvement. We have worked with several organizations and institutions to empowering disadvantage groups including the poor, women, and ethnic minorities in target area and communities. Our staff are active members of several networks that include government institutions, international organizations and likeminded groups which will contribute to the experience sharing and learning of the organization.