Program and Project Management

Agriculture, Livelihood Development

CRED is in position to take lead or consortium with a partner to bid for projects and program. The requirements of donors and market opportunities will determine CRED’s role in:

  • Management services
  • Quality assurance services
  • Financial management services

CRED will not limit itself to traditional donors such as bilateral governments, INGOs, Development funds but explore to work with the Development and Cooperate Social Responsible Funds of Enterprises, Impact Investors.

CRED stay flexible to engage in partnership with other NGOs, international and national; research institutions, government, companies, etc. This enables CRED to win more projects, to have more impact, to have more income and last but not least to enhance its market position and reputation. Therefore, strategic partnerships with organisations like HELVETAS, DECEN, etc. will be strengthened and developed to enhance more opportunities.

Relevant experiences 

CRED is a co-implementor with HELVETAS in the implementation of Biotrade project “Scaling up of Ethical BioTrade initiatives within phyto-pharmaceutical sector in Vietnam”. This offers CRED’s expertises in:

  • Analysis and implementation of the natural ingridients’ value chains, considering local capacities and market requirements;
  • Promotion of Organic, Biotrade, GACP-WHO certificates in various commodities including natural ingridients, sprices, tea, essential oils, etc.
  • Support actors of the selected value chains in market intelligence and assessment of market opportunities;
  • Advises to SMEs to develop systems including Internal Control System (ICS) to comply to the requirements of BioTrade, Organic, etc. and the respective action plans;
  • Advice national and international enterprises on ABS (Access and Benefit Sharing) compliance;
  • Act as garantee organsiation to international entities in the process of ABS application.

CRED is leading the implementation of “Development of Community-Based Tourism project in Cao Bang and Ha Giang”, where CRED:

  • Identify and promote new eco-tourism destinations;
  • Build the capacity for wide range of actors in tourism services including: Community based tourism; Homestay and hostability; Local guide; Tourist driver; Cooking; Product development; Development of business plan; Tourism marketing, etc.
  • Design tourism products considering local conditions and tourism trends;
  • Cooperate with national and international Tour Operator/Tour Agencies to promote tourism market development and market linkages;
  • Support local government and build their capacities in the development and implementation of tourism development strategy and plan;
  • Design and organise tour programs including the respective arrangements of transportation and logistics.

A co-implementing partner with Applied Horticultural Research and HELVETAS for the implementation of project “Integrating the supply of safe and off-season vegetables for urban, wholesale and retail markets in Vietnam”, CRED is responsible for:

  • Identify training needs from farmers, farmer group and local extention staff;
  • Develop respective training plans for the different groups;
  • Provide trainings for group leaders and farmers in group management, production and supply planning, marketting, coordination
  • From the experience with the vegetable farmers in Moc Chau, adapt the training materials on production, book keeping, data processing, consumer survey, post harvest, certification and market connection are compiled;
  • Contribute to the development of a strategy for sustainable scaling in and scaling out the counter seasonal vegetables project from Moc Chau to Van Ho dsitrict.

A co-implementing partner with University of Queensland in the implementation of project “Sustainable and Inclusive Development of the Cattle and Beef Industry in South-East Asia and China“ where CRED:

  • Is responsible for collecting data on cattle and beef trade flows within the Mekong, primarily from secondary sources and other projects, and also from primary research on the Vietnam side of the Vietnam-China trade;
  • Collaborate with UQ and HELVETAS to provide primary guidance on modelling approaches;
  • Contribute to the development of “country statistics” and “industry profiles” for the Mekong countries in order to build knowledge on regional beef markets and trade and as a data and literature review, including availability and gaps.
  • Facilitate the workshop on regional beef markets and trade” to offer discussion platform for Australian industries, researchers and policy makers from all countries in the region and Vietnamese industries.