Water, Environment and Livelihood improvements

Although Vietnam has achieved remarkable poverty reduction results over the past two decades, recent evidence suggests that overall progress in further reducing poverty has slowed and that there is a large and growing gap between some of the poorest households and the better off. There is also a persistent gap among different regions of the country, as well as between households living in urban and rural areas. The uplands, central highland and northern regions of Vietnam presents some specific challenges in terms of the overall welfare of the population and in particular among ethnic minority groups.

CRED will make use of its experience in livelihood improvement to support people living in such areas, particularly ethnic minority groups. Livelihood improvement support will be focused on access to clean water and improved sanitation and small infrastructure constructions. Local communities will be linked with philanthropy and CSR to mobilize resources for construction of small infrastructures, improving access to clean water, village road, irrigation system and improving school conditions for better quality of education. Community-based approach which involves participatory needs assessments, transparent and participatory financial management will be applied.

  • Clean water for disadvantage groups in remote and mountainous areas;
  • Community based infrastructures;
  • Environmentally friendly and clean technologies contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions;
  • Sanitation, Hygiene and Waste management;
  • Agricultural waste management and composting.